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Rolf Haag
Head of Business Solutions

Rolf Haag's career spans over 15 years in global payments. He has built worldwide fintech payments products at PayPal and Western Union Business Solutions.

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The Problem with Cross-Border Wire Transfers and Blockchain's Advantage

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What We Will Cover:

The state of cross-border payments.

See how cross-border payments from emerging markets are growing as payments coverage is shrinking.  Fintech companies are creating smoother, more transparent experiences for cross-border payments.

The fintech solutions 

See how they streamline the process of moving money between markets - and how they're failing to address the root problems with cross-border banking. 

The blockchain solution 

Since its creation in 2009, blockchain technology (starting with Bitcoin) has introduced new possibilities for moving money over the internet. See how this technology is working *with* banking infrastructure to cut days off of payment times.

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